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#101 The Astrological Significance of Generations with Jenny Kellogg

Jenny joins me on the podcast once again, this time to talk about the astrological significance and underpinning of generations. We speak about every generation from the Baby Boomers through to Gen Z, and give some context for how each can be viewed through the lens of astrology, karma and collective purpose. What does the Hero’s Journey look like on a generation scale? What can we define as the collective shadow of a generation? How does each generation fit together thematically and what might we glean from their chronology? We also speak about the most recent, as of yet unnamed generation and provide some thoughts on what their journey may look like based on what’s currently going on in the world.

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Jenny’s book recommendation: The Hades Moon by Judy Hall

Songs featured: “Life Don’t Last That Long” by Anders Osborne and “Star People” by George Michael

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