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#47 The Divinity of Nature, Intuition and Finding our Place in the World with Eli Marienthal

Eli and his friend Jesse run Back to Earth, taking groups of boys and young men on journeys into the wilderness. Eli is also a poet, dancer, songwriter and spoken-word performer. We speak about the divinity of the outdoors, the importance of physical space in defining community & identity, how each of us defines and identifies with spirituality, what it means to be “initiated,” and how to locate and follow our intuition.

(There was a glitch in the audio of the original file I uploaded – be sure to delete and hit re-download for the clean copy!)

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Eli’s Book Recommendation: A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James

Songs featured: “All At Once” by Jack Johnson and “Mangüeiro (feat. Aliboria)” by Baiuca

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