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#49 Healing Through Sexual Embodiment and Turning Victimization into Empowerment with Mackensey Alexander

Mackensey is a trauma-informed tantra & intimacy coach, an ACS certified sexologist and an embodiment portrait photographer who offers energy and somatic healing to those looking to cultivate a deeper sense of intimacy, sexual and emotional intelligence, connection and pleasure. Our conversation explores the nature of sexual embodiment and feminine power, the intersection of sexuality with religion/spirituality and “fawning” as a trauma response. We also discuss the Lilith myth, psychological projection and what it means to be “a teacher”.

Find out more about Mackensey at and on Instagram at @lilithandlavender.

Mackensey’s Book Recommendations: Becoming Animal by David Abram and Belonging by Toka-Pa Turner

Songs featured: “Changes” by Langhorne Slim/The Law and “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks

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