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#55 Interpreting Language, History and Spirituality to Locate our Life’s “Lesson Plan” with Jenny Kellogg

Jenny is a certified astrologer, holds a B.A. in Classical Philology and has studied ancient civilizations and languages for over 25 years. She also has a PhD in Modern Languages and Literatures and is one of my closest friends and mentors. Jenny and I speak about locating and embracing personal filters as it relates to language, heritage and spirituality in order to find our life’s unique “lesson plan” (aka Jenny’s interpretation of karma). We also discuss our own personal mother wounds and how we’re working through them, our skepticisms about some forms of astrology and how trauma can and should be used as a tool for finding the truest expression of ourselves and our “purpose” in this lifetime.

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Jenny’s Book Recommendation: No Friend by the Mountains by Behrouz Boochani

Poems Jenny read: An unpublished translation of an untitled poem by Nobel Prize winner George Seferis, translated from the Modern Greek by Jenny & the poems “Day” and “Night” by Jawdat Fakhreddine translated by Huda Fakhreddine and Jayson Iwen from the book Lighthouse for the Drowning.

Songs featured: “Dreamland” by Glass Animals and “Moment of Surrender” by Nick Mulvey

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