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#59 The Art of Questioning Everything with Justin De Ruyter

Justin and I look at the world in very similar ways. Maybe it’s because we were both raised by a gay dad, or because we both had to navigate challenging early childhood dynamics, or because we both have Dutch heritage. Either way, for as long as we can both remember, we’ve always approached the world with a great deal of curiosity and skepticism. Justin worked in the fire department for his entire adult life and just recently retired. He shares vulnerably about what his 23 years of experience has taught him about humanity and the systems we depend on. We discuss everything from navigating our sexual identity to processing severe trauma to the crisis of loneliness to the multitude of ways our culture fails the people who need our support the most. Justin is one of the most vulnerable and courageous men I know. I’m honored to be his friend and grateful to help share his story.

Find Justin on Instagram @justinotherman

Justin’s Book Recommendations: The War on Art by Steven Pressfield and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenanceby Robert M Pirsig

Songs featured: “Bones” by DeYarmond Edison and “Lairs” by Gregory Alan Isakov

The Feelings Wheel that Justin Mentioned:

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  1. I was so taken aback to hear my brothers voice again… Thankyou! I miss him so much…
    It was very enlightening to hear,(after all his struggles) that he’s found ways to overcome them.
    I’m so glad that Justin has such an extensive variety of friends(family) that 𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐩 create such an solid support system. “I’m only half his blood”, but it’s enough to know a little of the struggle that we go through psychologically… (I’ll never-even, become measurable to the extent of Justin’s intellect and wisdom) But, I was raised alongside him and endured an significant amount of the same Mental/physical anguish…
    This is what makes me an #1 fan of Justin De Ruyter… because, he walked through fire(metophorically)(literally), while “regulating“ the torment and enabling his way to his own “success.”

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