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#60 White Shamanism, Spiritual Bypassing & Accountability with Leah Iracleous

Leah has a BA in social justice and is working on her doctorate in clinical depth psychology where she plans to write her dissertation on white shamanism. Leah and I speak about what it means to import the sacred, spiritual practices of other cultures into a Western context and how we can get stuck in the trap of spiritual bypassing. We also talk about how all of this relates to power, narcissism, social media, psychedelics and therapy. Lastly, we discuss the nuanced and complex nature of defining and reacting to “abuse”, the dangers of cancel culture and the importance of moving from victimhood into empowerment.

Find Leah on Instagram at and her white shaman alter-ego Steve at @stevetheshaman

Leah’s Book Recommendation: Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Songs featured: Buildings and Bridges by Ani DiFranco and HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar

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