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#63 Femininity, Community and the Path to a Somatically Regulated Revolution with Kylie McBeath

Kylie McBeath Anya Kaats a millennial's guide to saving the world

Kylie a Certified Health Coach, Emotional Expert, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Speaker and Writer. This is Kylie’s second time on the show and we dive in real deep, real fast. We talk about our thoughts on the nature of feminine power, the importance of community and interdependence, and what an embodied & intentional path to self-trust and intuition looks like. We also discuss why you can’t actually consent to anything if you don’t know and trust yourself, the anger and grief-laden process of recognizing you’ve confused abuse with love, and why we both feel that if there’s going to be a revolution, it will be one grounded in self-knowing and regulation.

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Kylie’s Book Recommendation: Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein

Songs featured: “Geminid Meteor Shower” by Hidden Tapes and “Back In My Body” by Maggie Rogers

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