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#66 Signs of the Times: Unpacking the Astrology of Now with Jasmine, Eliza and Kestrel of Kosmic Tonic

Jasmine, Eliza and Kestrel are certified astrologers and the hosts of Kosmic Tonic, a podcast about astrology, mythology, archetypal psychology, magic and so much more. The four of us talk about each of our journeys in learning astrology, meeting each other, and how we integrate astrology into our lives. We discuss planetary cycles, explain some of prominent archetypal energies of the current moment (namely those of Pluto, Saturn and Mars) and how they’re related to the pandemic, raging wildfires, the upcoming US election, our inclination to return to the land, and the multiple cycles of destruction and rebirth that we currently find ourselves in.

Find Jasmine, Eliza and Kestrel at and on Twitter and Instagram, plus check out their podcast “Kosmic Tonic” wherever you listen to podcasts.

Jasmine’s Book Recommendation: Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller

Eliza’s Book Recommendation: Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas

Kestrel’s Book Recommendation: Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Songs featured: “A Trick of the Light” by Villagers and “San Luis” by Gregory Alan Isakov

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