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#69 On Race & Nuance with Jasmine Richardson & Andre (DJ Sun)

Jasmine and Andre are both mixed-race. Andre is a recording artist and DJ known as DJ Sun. He was born in the Netherlands with Caribbean roots. Jasmine, an astrologer, grew up in Texas. She is raising the daughter of her brother, who is currently incarcerated. They both own a bar in Houston called The Flat. These two genuine, kind souls came on the show to discuss their nuanced perspectives and experiences around race, BLM and identity politics. From anger, to victimhood, to alienation and vulnerability, we discuss the many facets of social justice movements, & the importance of holding each other accountable + searching for authentic belonging within ourselves and the collective.

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Andre’s Book Recommendation: The Anatomy of Love by Helen Fisher
Jasmine’s Book Recommendation: Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolene and Gods in Everyman by Jean Shinoda Bolene

Songs featured: “Let Go” by East Forest, “Tomorrow” by DJ Sun and “Black Man” by Stevie Wonder

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