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#88 How to Responsibly Navigate a Spiritual “Awakening” with Jenny Kellogg

Anya Kaats Jenny Kellogg

Jenny is a certified Astrologer, has a B.A. in Classical Philology, a PhD in Modern languages and has studied ancient civilizations and languages for over 25 years. Jenny returns to MGSW, this time to expand on the topic of spiritual awakenings. Jenny and I chat about our personal journeys, and what we’ve experienced within (and without) various spiritual communities. We address what happens when consumerism and capitalism meet spirituality, and how our individual trauma always plays a role in our spiritual awakening. We also discuss the differences between discernment and skepticism, why having a spiritual container is so imperative to navigating the entire process, and so much more.

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Jenny’s book recommendation: Spiritual Emergency by Stanislov and Christina Grof

Songs featured: “blue sky mind” by Trevor Hall and “Breathe” by Ásgeir

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