Welcome to the MGSW Lunar Circle!

A month-long intensive workshop teaching you how to see yourself, other people, and the planet through the lens of astrology and archetypal psychology.

Enrollment has officially closed for the October Lunar Circle.

What’s a Lunar Circle?

The Lunar Circle is a container within a container; A circle within a circle. For the length of one lunar cycle, we will create a space to experience the moon’s phases, together. We will track the moon as she moves through her cycle, and reflect on the ways she interacts with our natal charts, learning about astrology and ourselves along the way. Becoming familiar with planets, signs and houses requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and I will be incorporating several different techniques and practices to help you lean into these archetypes in an intuitive, embodied way. From nature to poetry to music and beyond, these archetypes present themselves in all things. Our job is to learn their language and listen for their whispers. 

Why am I offering this?

It’s impossible for me to quantify the value astrology has brought into my life. It was my entry point into spirituality as a whole and continues to provide me with endless depth and meaning. Some of the lessons I’ve learned from astrology have been beautiful, and others have been difficult, but all have worked to ground me into myself, remind me of what matters and help guide me on the path I am walking in this lifetime. My wish for this Lunar Circle is to share what I’ve learned with you, in an intimate setting that allows for curiosity, nuance and vulnerability. Even after studying astrology for many years, I still find that tracking the lunar cycle through my chart is one of the most potent ways to learn about what these Gods, Goddesses and mythological stories are trying to illuminate. Although this course is only a month long, the tools you learn can be carried indefinitely into the future, helping you to learn about and from these archetypes in new ways. 

What’s my approach & training?

What most fascinates me about astrology is the idea that we are not separate from mythology, but living, breathing and active participants. We reflect the cosmos and the cosmos reflects us, and we write these stories together. Astrology helps us to remember what role we play individually, but also collectively, in the overall ecology of the planet. As humans, our ability to tell stories is not just our gift, but also our responsibility. We are telling stories whether we are aware of it or not. To me, astrology is a practice of learning how to tell stories intentionally — stories that restore reciprocity and help to heal the planet from the inside out.

I graduated from an astrology apprenticeship with Adam Sommer in 2018. I have also taken courses taught by Mark Jones and Jason Holley and embarked on multiple forms of self study for the past four years. My personal approach to astrology integrates aspects of evolutionary astrology, archetypal psychology, mythology & psychodrama. I reject the version of astrology that seeks to predict the future and over-simplifies what I consider to be a very complex and ever-evolving practice. This course will be the opposite of sun-sign horoscope, “pop” astrology.

Logistics, aka all the Virgo Stuff:

This course will integrate lectures in addition to in-depth, group discussions. We will meet as a full group via Zoom 6 times for lectures, and another 5 times in smaller groups for sharing, questions & discussion to follow each lecture. These smaller group discussions will be moderated by former Lunar Circle graduates.

No previous astrology knowledge is required.
Beginners are encouraged to join!
Class 1: Introduction, Monday October 4th, 10:00am – 1:00pm MT

Everyone will have an opportunity to introduce themselves, and I will outline more of what we will be covering in the course. We’ll learn about lunar returns, phases of the moon, how each is significant and I’ll show you how to find out what phase of the moon you were born under. We’ll talk about the chart for the new moon in Libra and how to relate it to everyone’s natal charts. We will also discuss the flow of energy present in lunar cycles and how we can build ritual and awareness around each of the moon’s phases. The information in this first class will give you all the tools you need to prepare for and understand the upcoming lunar cycle + set intentions for the month ahead.

Class 2: New Moon Circle, Wednesday October 6th, 10:00am – 11:30am MT

I will answer any questions that came up in the group discussions, and then give a lecture about the stories and archetypes associated with Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, plus the four chart angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC & IC).

Class 3: First Quarter Moon Circle, Tuesday October 12th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm MT

I will answer any questions that came up in the group discussions, and then give a lecture about the stories and archetypes associated with Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, plus Chiron.

Class 4: Full Moon Circle, Tuesday October 19th, 10:00am – 11:30am MT

I will answer any questions that came up in the group discussions, and then give a lecture about the stories and archetypes associated with Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Class 5: Third Quarter Moon Circle, Tuesday October 26th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm MT

I will answer any questions that came up in the group discussions, and then give a lecture about the stories and archetypes associated with Cancer, Leo & Virgo, plus the Lunar Nodes.

Class 6: Balsamic Moon Closing Circle, Wednesday November 3rd, 10:00am – 11:30am MT

 In this class, I will provide some closing remarks and share guidance for leaning into the the many personal and collective cycles that lie ahead. We will also share insights on the chart for our class.

All of the classes will be recorded and posted right away for those who cannot make the classes live. Dates & times for the smaller group discussions are listed at the bottom of the enrollment form, and there are four different groups with different meeting times to choose from. If you cannot make some or all of the lectures live, that’s okay. It’s more important that you are able to participate in the smaller group discussions.

In addition to the 6 classes above and 5 smaller group discussions (20 hours total), each participant will receive:

  • A customized Moon Calendar for your specific rising sign & current location.
  • PDFs of your natal chart + transits.
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of every class + PDFs of each presentation.
  • Access to a private group What’sApp chat for you to communicate with each other throughout the course + ask me questions.
  • Access to 12 Spotify playlists for each sign, curated by you and fellow Lunar Circle participants.

Requirements to sign up:

  • Enthusiasm & a willingness to participate (even if it scares you).
  • You will need to know your birth information (date, location + time).
  • Prior to the first class, please watch my Astrology 101 workshop (Link will be provided upon signing up if you are not an existing Patron).
  • A hard or digital copy of The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest.
Testimonials from previous students…
It was such a joy to be a part of the first Lunar Circle! I have gained such deep insight into myself and others through the language of astrology. The mythology and archetypes behind the signs and planets are endlessly fascinating and Anya’s collaborative teaching methods really brought everything to life. I highly recommend joining a Lunar Circle, it will change your life! – Christi E. 
This course was such a beautiful way to get in touch with the energies of the zodiac/planets in a way that was both informed and intuitive. I really discovered how deeply each of these archetypes or energies run on both a personal and societal level, and I was able to come away with the course with a new lens for understanding the world around me. I’m just really grateful for the chance to learn from somebody who felt so grounded and embodied in this practice. I have been so turned off in the past from learning astrology because of the people teaching it, and when I saw that Anya was offering this, it was a no-brainer to sign up. – Marysa M.
The Lunar Circle renewed my childlike sense of wonder. I discovered deep truths about myself and new ways of thinking about the world. I love that Anya taught astrology in a playful and fun way, encouraging us to be patient with ourselves while searching for authentic personal meaning. The Lunar Circle was a deep dive intro astrology, psychology and meditation. The biggest takeaway for me was the awakening of my spirituality. I learned that astrology is a beautiful tool we can use to create our own relationship with the divine. Practicing the art of being still and paying attention allowed me to feel more connected to myself and the world in a way that was purely magical. For me it was a new beginning. I would recommend the Lunar Circle to anyone who wants to feel more alive, more joy and more gratitude. – Stephanie R.
I got so much out of this course! The Lunar Circle gave me a rich foundation in astrology fundamentals while also providing an encouraging space to explore how these concepts manifest in my life personally. I have gained so much personal insight. Having a supportive group container allowed me to witness the multidimensional/unique presentations of astrological influence as well as collective overlaps. Each meeting left me excited and inspired to learn more. I am also grateful for the wonderful community I am now part of through this experience.Jessica S.
The lunar circle not only helped me to learn about the entire zodiac in a more personal and applicable way, but it gave me crucial tools with which to examine myself further. At this time of my life, these tools are everything to me. One of my favorite aspects about this month-long journey was sharing space with like-minded people who were interested in self-growth, and wanted to do that through the lens of astrology! I now feel like I have 16 extra friends that I could endlessly talk to about pretty much any topic. I feel seen, heard, loved and held by everyone that took this journey with me. I would recommend this to someone who is feeling lost, looking for community focused on self-growth and support, or just wants to learn the signs in a more personal way. Angie H.
Life-changing isn’t a term I throw around often, but I feel like astrology can’t be described any other way. I was a complete newbie to this language of the cosmos, and maybe even a borderline skeptic. But the insight from the Lunar Circle totally hooked me, and while nowhere near fluent, I feel like a new world of observation and reflection has opened up for me. Not only did I learn the foundations and tools of astrology, but I connected in a meaningful way with many beautiful souls that I now call friends. I HIGHLY recommend Anya’s Lunar Circle – I would even take it again!Lilli V.
The lunar circle exceeded my expectations! I went into it looking for connection (to community, to the cosmos, and to my self), which I found. At its end, I have access to a whole new creative language, breathing more magic and meaning into my life. In the context of an open-minded group, learning about Anya’s perspective—always thoughtful, nuanced, and unpretentious—has given me the confidence and drive to continue learning about and practicing astrology. – Alexis
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the connections and illuminations I have found through the Lunar Circle. Delving into the signs, planets, archetypes and myths has been like applying balm to the weathered and weary soul. Connecting to a group of people with the shared purpose of learning more about ourselves, other people and the universe has made my heart swell. It has invigorated my body and mind. It has filled me up with an element, a life force, I did not know was missing. The Lunar Circle served as a portal into the depths of my soul. It has challenged my stagnated methods of thinking and allowed me to feel embraced by a community of wild, beautiful people. In a time when many are feeling disconnected, misunderstood or minimized, astrology connects, expands and illuminates meaning and inner knowing. It shows the ways in which we are powerful, vast, all containing multitudes, all unique, yet all the same. Learning astrology, discovering (perhaps re-discovering) that all of us contain all the stuff of the cosmos: every archetype, planet, star, goddess, myth, hero, antagonist—all expressed and experienced in different ways. This is the medicine to take if you were feeling small, if you forgot what Rumi reminds us, that you are the universe in ecstatic motion. Thank you, Anya! – Laura S.

Lunar Circle Pricing:

Active MGSW Patrons: $597

Non-MGSW Patrons: $647

Personal questions? Need more info before pulling the trigger? Want to enroll, but need a payment plan? Send me a message on Instagram @anya.kaats or email anyakaats (at) gmail.com and I will be happy to answer anything you need clarification on!

Moon art in the header by Megan Garnett