Welcome to the MGSW Lunar Circle!

A month-long intensive workshop teaching you how to see yourself, other people and the planet through the lens of astrology.

Enrollment is currently closed and will re-open in the fall.

What’s a Lunar Circle?

The Lunar Circle is a container within a container; A circle within a circle. For the length of one lunar cycle, we will create a space to experience the moon’s phases, together. We will track the moon as she moves through her cycle, and reflect on the ways she interacts with our natal charts, learning about astrology and ourselves along the way. Becoming familiar with planets, signs and houses requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and I will be incorporating several different techniques and practices to help you lean into these archetypes in an intuitive, embodied way. From nature to poetry to music and beyond, these archetypes present themselves in all things. Our job is to learn their language and listen for their whispers. 

Why am I offering this?

It’s impossible for me to quantify the value astrology has brought into my life. It was my entry point into spirituality as a whole and continues to provide me with endless depth and meaning. Some of the lessons I’ve learned from astrology have been beautiful, and others have been difficult, but all have worked to ground me into myself, remind me of what matters and help guide me on the path I am walking in this lifetime. My wish for this Lunar Circle is to share what I’ve learned with you, in an intimate setting that allows for curiosity, nuance and vulnerability. Even after studying astrology for many years, I still find that tracking the lunar cycle through my chart is one of the most potent ways to learn about what these Gods, Goddesses and mythological stories are trying to illuminate. Although this course is only a month long, the tools you learn can be carried indefinitely into the future, helping you to learn about and from these archetypes in new ways. 

What’s my approach & training?

What most fascinates me about astrology is the idea that we are not separate from mythology, but living, breathing and active participants. We reflect the cosmos and the cosmos reflects us, and we write these stories together. Astrology helps us to remember what role we play individually, but also collectively, in the overall ecology of the planet. As humans, our ability to tell stories is not just our gift, but also our responsibility. We are telling stories whether we are aware of it or not. To me, astrology is a practice of learning how to tell stories intentionally — stories that restore reciprocity and help to heal the planet from the inside out.

I graduated from an astrology apprenticeship with Adam Sommer in 2018. I have also taken courses taught by Mark Jones and Jason Holley and embarked on multiple forms of self study for the past four years. My personal approach to astrology integrates aspects of evolutionary astrology, archetypal psychology, mythology & psychodrama. I reject the version of astrology that seeks to predict the future and over-simplifies what I consider to be a very complex and ever-evolving practice. This course will be the opposite of sun-sign horoscope, “pop” astrology.

Logistics, aka all the Virgo Stuff:

This course will be taught seminar/workshop style. We will meet via Zoom six times over the course of one lunar cycle. Everyone will be encouraged to participate and share their experiences with the group. If you’re outgoing and love to sit at the front of the class, this course is definitely for you. If you’re more shy and tend to sit in the back, this course is for you too! I recommend using this experience as way to practice trust, vulnerability and openness. I hate the phrase “safe space,” but there’s no doubt the container we create together will be just that. 

No previous astrology knowledge is required.
Beginners are encouraged to join!

In addition to the classes above, each participant will receive:

  • A customized Moon Calendar for your specific rising sign & current location.
  • PDFs of your natal chart + transits
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of every class + PDFs of each presentation.
  • Access to a private group What’sApp chat for you to communicate with each other throughout the course + ask me questions.
  • Access to 12 Spotify playlists for each sign, curated by you and fellow Lunar Circle participants.

Requirements to sign up:

  • Enthusiasm & a willingness to participate (even if it scares you).
  • You will need to know your birth information (date, location + time).
  • Prior to the first class, please watch my Astrology 101 workshop (Link will be provided upon signing up if you are not an existing Patron).
  • A hard or digital copy of The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest.

Moon art in the header by Megan Garnett