anya kaats a millennial's guide to saving the world

I started this podcast because I was tired of being stereotyped as lazy, triggered and entitled. I wanted to give voice to a different kind of millennial and invite us  to write a new story – one of a generation willing to challenge the status quo, embrace nuance and paradox, and reject PC-culture. This podcast isn’t about finding answers, it’s about asking the right questions. How can we reinvent ourselves and the narratives we’ve been expected to inherit? How can we take ownership over the ways we participate in our own suffering? How can we move beyond victimization and into empowerment? How can we fix ourselves to fix the world? It’s time for new dreams, new stories and new futures… 

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Tzeporah Berman podcast anya kaats a millennial's guide to saving the world

#102 The Complexities of Environmentalism, Responsibility and Hope with Tzeporah Berman

Tzeporah is a Canadian environmental activist, campaigner and writer. She has worked in environmentalism for 30 years, is the co-founder and International Program Director at Stand.Earth and the Chair of the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative. From being arrested at the front lines
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#101 The Astrological Significance of Generations with Jenny Kellogg

Jenny joins me on the podcast once again, this time to talk about the astrological significance and underpinning of generations. We speak about every generation from the Baby Boomers through to Gen Z, and give some context for how each can be viewed
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#100 Mending the Paradigms that Shape Us: A Conversation with my Mother (Cathy Arden)

When I launched this podcast 3 years ago, I would have never been able to predict that this monumental 100th episode would be shared with my Mother. In fact, at the time, we weren’t even speaking to one another. This conversation tracks my
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Torie Feldman sacred ancestry podcast

#99 Healing Ancestral Trauma and Reconnecting to our Roots with Torie Feldman

Torie Feldman is an Ancestral Healing Guide and Women’s Spiritual Mentor. In this conversation, we speak about what it means to heal intergenerational patterns and cycles, from both a biological and psychological point of view. We also talk about the difference between grounded
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#98 The Venus Diaries with Kestrel Neathawk and Eliza Robertson

Two-thirds of Kosmic Tonic join me on the podcast this week to discuss all things Venus. We unpack the mythology and multivalent archetype associated with this frequently misunderstood and oversimplified planet. We speak about desire, longing, and how love is consistently more complex
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Tao Ruspoli Christopher Ryan Anya Kaats

#97 Death, Sex, Pain and Pleasure with Chris Ryan and Tao Ruspoli

Tao, Chris and Anya have a three-way… conversation. Sitting in Tao’s shipping container gallery in Yucca Valley, the three of us speak about the interwoven relationship between life, death, sex, pleasure, pain and creativity, and how the absence of death can directly correlate
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