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#54 Endangered Species Conservation & Reproduction with Kesley Martin

Kelsey is a veterinarian, former art student and badass hoola hooper. To be honest, we spend the entire first half of this podcast recounting a rattlesnake bite Kelsey got within a day of me meeting her (where she had to be flown out of a remote canyon we were in via helicopter), but for the rest of the show we discuss her experience growing up on large, remote cattle ranches, her inspiration for becoming a large animal veterinarian and how she plans to use her expertise to assist in endangered species awareness, conservation and reproduction. We also discuss our mutual love of the outdoors and how vital it is, especially in these times, to spend time outside in nature.

Find Kelsey on Instagram – @kelseamountain

Kelsey’s Book Recommendation: Cathedral of the Wild by Boyd Varty

Songs featured: “Long Time Coming” by Leela James and “Drover” by Bill Callahan

Learn more about chart I spoke about in my intro in regard to mapping our roles in a social change ecosystem here –

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