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#57 Carl Jung and Our Soul’s Quest for Meaning, Individuation & Transformation with Joseph R. Lee, Lisa Marchiano & Deborah Stewart

this jungian life Anya Kaats a millennial's guide to saving the worldJoe, Lisa and Deb are Jungian Analysts and co-hosts of the podcast This Jungian Life. Our conversation covers Carl Jung & his legacy + weaves together discussions around manifestation, mysticism, authenticity, depth psychology, astrology, suffering, trauma, personal and collective dark nights of the soul & the mythology of the millennial generation.

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Joe’s Book Recommendation: The Mystical Qabalah by Dion Fortune
Lisa’s Book Recommendation: Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung
Deb’s Book Recommendation: The Inner World of Trauma by Donald Kalsched

Songs featured: “Friends” by Francis and the Lights (feat. Bon Iver) and “Japanese Ceremonial Tea (Interlude)” by The Electric Sons

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  1. Thank you awesome love your work big fan of Chris Ryan and alike souls now after listening to this interview the family of like minded souls has grown respect

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