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#86 Learning to Think for Ourselves and Healing Trauma Holistically with Lindsey Lockett

Lindsey Lockett Anya Kaats podcast

Lindsey is a writer and podcaster, helping others to heal trauma holistically and consciously create a reality that isn’t ruled by the past. Lindsey was raised in Evangelical Christianity, and at 35, after watching a pro-gay rights Christian documentary, Lindsey had an identity crisis which lead to a nervous breakdown & suicide attempt. Eventually, she rejected her religious upbringing and restructured her life and values from the ground up. Lindsey and I speak about the danger of toxic, cult-like movements, from religion, to wellness culture and woke politics. We also touch on what it means to take a holistic approach to healing trauma, and how learning to think for ourselves & healing our trauma are two of the strongest antidotes against fundamentalist ideologies of all kinds that prey on fearful, dysregulated humans.

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Lindsey’s book recommendations: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Songs featured: “Party at the End of the World” by Carsie Blanton and “Waking Up” by Explosions in the Sky

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